About the Mall

The Midway Mall, located at 4800 Texoma Parkway in Sherman, Texas, is the only major shopping mall for a section of Texoma comprised of the cities Sherman and Denison,Texas, and Durant,Oklahoma. It is also the only enclosed Mall between Dallas & Oklahoma. With a population of about 150,000, Midway Mall’s trade area is located approximately 70 miles northeast of downtown Dallas; however, the mall itself as well as the Texas side of its trade area are technically located within the behemoth Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. With that said, the nearest of Dallas-Fort Worth’s malls are over an hour away, which makes Midway Mall a tier ‘A’ mall and successful, especially considering its size at 600,000 square feet with three anchors and several junior anchors.


Midway Mall’s location is ideal, situated on Texoma Parkway smack dab in between the cities of Sherman and Denison, and only half an hour from Durant, Okla. as well as the booming sprawlburg of McKinney. In addition to being located in between all the population centers in its trade area, Midway Mall is also adjacent to US 75, a major north-south freeway connecting Dallas and its suburbs to Oklahoma and points north. Also nearby is Sherman Town Center, located along US 75, featuring Wal Mart, Target, Home Depot, and 30 other stores, as well as a JCPenney.


Our Anchor tenants: Sears, Burlington Coat Factory, Dillards, all of these stores are national and regional anchor stores which have enjoyed great successes in regional malls. The Mall currently consists of 50 fine stores and shops. The Midway Mall, is amazingly dated in terms of decor and atmosphere with giant palm trees, sterile marble planters and three circus-like tents which puff up some 50 feet toward the sky at three spots/courts throughout the mall, and are a sight to see. So, too, are the mall’s maze-like corridors, which zig and zag and even double back on each other. The Malls parking lot can accommodate up to 3,451 cars. We are in the midst of updating and improving all aspects of the property. For example, we have repaired the AC throughout the mall and repainted and restored proper lighting in order to ensure the most pleasant shopping experience.


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